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6 Ways to Hurt Your Hair While Sleeping

6 ways to damage your hair while sleeping

If your hair is dry or dyed, you need to be extra careful not to damage it further. But hair care goes beyond just using the right shampoo and getting rid of hot styling tools. Apparently, there are many things you can do to protect your hair while you sleep, so twisting and twisting at night hurts your locks more than you think.

We believe that your Bright Side hair needs a good night’s sleep just like your skin. And here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for hair extensions:

1. Wet hair You go to bed.

Some days you do not have the energy to lift your makeup, let alone dry your hair, and we understand that completely. But in addition to waking up with a twisted head, sleeping on wet hair can be very harmful. Wet hair is very brittle and all night curls can damage and break your curves. It is best to wash your hair a few hours before bed or use a conditioner and dry it.

2. Lay your hair in your hair.

If you have long hair, there is nothing better than tying it in a ponytail or bun before going to bed. But if you do not rest your hair overnight, it can weaken your curves and, in the long run, cause your hair to fall out. To give your scalp enough time to recover at night, comb your hair before going to bed and never tie it in a tight bun when your strands are wet.

3. Replace the cotton pillow with silk.

Throwing out old cotton pillows and investing in quality silk is more than just a luxury item to add to your evening work. Cotton is rough on your hair and prevents it from slipping easily, which can eventually lead to breakage, dryness and unruly hair. Lying on a silk pillow will not only damage your hair at night and will benefit not only your hair but also your skin.

4. Do not shave before going to bed.

You spend a lot of time in the morning making your hair look perfect but brushing it well before you go to bed can help to get rid of bumps and bumps in the morning. Combing helps to keep hair from shining and breaking by distributing the natural oil produced by the scalp from the base to the ends.

5. Do not comb your hair before going to bed.

While curling iron can help you create beautiful beach waves in no time, being creative and using heat-free styling options will help keep your hair healthy and healthy. Wearing loose-fitting sweaters before going to bed and applying hair care products is the easiest way to wake up with beautiful curves. In fact, braiding is one of the secrets that Indian women use to keep their hair long, shiny and healthy. Wearing this protective layer during sleep protects the split ends, strengthens the hair, and promotes hair growth.

6. Save on hair oils.

Like our skin, our hair rejuvenates while you sleep, and we can make the most of those hours with a simple nighttime treatment. Applying hair oil at least twice a week is a great way to keep your hair strong and healthy the night before. If it seems too much to leave the oil overnight, apply only an hour before bathing and cover your head with a warm towel to absorb it well.


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